bite [bīt]
bit [bit] bitten [bit′'n] or biting [ME biten < OE bītan < IE base * bheid-, to split, crack > BEETLE1, BITTER, L findere, to split (see FISSION)]
1. to seize, pierce, or cut with the teeth or with parts like jaws
2. to cut into, as with a sharp weapon
3. to sting, as an insect
4. to hurt in a sharp, stinging way
5. to eat into; corrode
6. to infect or possess: used esp. in the passive [bitten by a lust for power]
7. to cheat or trick: used esp. in the passive
a) to press or snap the teeth (into, at, etc.)
b) to have a tendency to do this
2. to cause a biting sensation or have a biting effect
3. to get or keep a tight hold; grip [the car wheels bit into the snow]
4. to seize a bait
5. to be caught, as by a trick
6. Slang SUCK (vi. 6)
1. the act of biting
2. biting quality; sting [a bite to his words]
3. a wound, bruise, or sting from biting
a) amount of food bitten off; mouthful or morsel
b) food
c) a meal, esp. a light meal or snack
5. a tight hold or grip
6. an edge or surface that grips
7. Informal an amount cut off or sum deducted [the tax takes quite a bite from my paycheck ]
8. Slang money or price asked; cost; expense: with the: usually used in the phrase put the bite on, to press for a loan, gift, or bribe of money
9. Dentistry the way the upper and lower teeth meet
10. Etching the corrosion of the metal plate by the acid
☆ bite off more than one can chew
Informal to attempt more than one is capable of
bite the bullet Informal
to confront a painful situation with fortitude or stoicism: from an earlier practice of having the patient bite on a bullet during battlefield surgery when no anesthetic was available
bite the hand that feeds one
Informal to insult or harm a benefactor

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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